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Beauty and charm

Rugs and beauty and charm to any home and are always special to their owners, whether they are family heirlooms or pieces chosen with time and care by their owners. But rugs are often delicate, which means they need to be cleaned with special care. To ensure they are looked after properly, the best thing you can do is to call a professional.

Experienced and professional

Here at we have tried-and-tested techniques to have your rug looking clean and fresh again in no time. From the moment it arrives at our factory, we guarantee that it will be in capable hands. Because we understand that every rug is different, we will examine each piece carefully (for spots, stains, fading and other pre-existing damage) before deciding on the appropriate method by which to clean it.

Comprehensive cleaning

The first rug thing we do is to vacuum your rug thoroughly, to ensure that all loose particles are eliminated. Then we will clean it, with a special hot-water technique, and groom it afterwards. We make sure to rinse all rugs, to remove excess moisture and residue. After this, we will leave your special piece to dry in a climate-controlled room before, finally, examining it again before delivering it back to you.

Green and gentle

We are 100% committed to green cleaning, which is why we only use environmentally-friendly products in our work. These are biodegradable and non-toxic, and just as effective as traditional products, only without the harsh chemicals that unpleasant residues. This makes them safe for your children and pets, and safe for the planet.

100% guarantee

Leave your rug in our capable care. We’re confident you’ll be happy with the quality of our work, not to mention our free pick-up and delivery service, but in any event we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our work.

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