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Many carpet cleaners are depending on powerful, harsh chemicals to get the job done “right”. We take the opposite approach. “right” for us is also right for you.Our technicians use only a completely safe, natural, and organic cleaning agent. It’s just as effective as the artificial stuff, but it keeps your family healthy by not exposing them to the chemicals the other cleaners use.

You’ll also feel better knowing that cleaning your carpet isn’t contributing to pollution in your local community.

Our Methods – Green & Clean!

We use a dry cleaning method. Our machines use precision moisture controlled process, rather than the hot water pressure method that other cleaners resort to. That means that we use the minimum amount of moisture necessary to get your carpets clean. The result is completely clean carpets with no soap or water remaining.

Additionally, because we don’t utilize detergents, there’s no potentially harmful alkaline residue in the carpet after we’re done. You’ll be able to enjoy your carpets minutes after we leave the scene.With organic cleaning by Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles, feel secure knowing that you’re keeping your family safe while protecting the environment both inside and outside of your home.

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