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Prevention, Not Cure!

Take it from the experts: the best way to keep a carpet clean is by avoiding getting it dirty in the first place. Any good doctor will tell you that prevention is more effective than cure. We want your carpets to stay as clean as possible, so preventing spills and stains should always be a top priority.

Keeping Your Carpet Clean


  • Your Number One enemy is dirt. Dirt particles can seep deep into a carpet, all the way down to the padding. That’s why it’s so important to frequently vacuum dirt away, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • When you’re dealing with a spill, the important thing is to act quickly. Using paper towels, press down on the spill and absorb as much of the liquid as possible. Make sure not to wipe, as this can cause the resulting to stain to spread across more of the carpet.
  • Using a chemical cleaning treatment can be an effective way to attend to stains in between professional treatments. It’s important to spot test every agent you use, however, because carpets respond in different ways to each chemical solution. Apply a small amount in a corner of the room, or under a piece of furniture.
  • You can treat the same area more than once if the first treatment wasn’t effective. If this second treatment doesn’t work, the stain likely will require professional attention.


The machines that pros use are more powerful, and the cleaning products more powerful than those available to consumers.

Keeping Your Furniture and Upholstery Clean


  • Upholstery takes the brunt of the dirt in your home. While carpets receive much of the cleaning attention, your furniture probably escapes notice, possibly until it is too late. Many of the same rules apply to upholstery as well as carpet cleaning, but there are some important exceptions.
  • You have to be especially diligent and careful when treating leather. For water stains, dip a brand new sponge into a bowl of clean warm water. You’ll then want to wring out as much of the moisture as possible.
  • Place the sponge on the exact center of the water stain, and dampen the leather as you move towards the edge of the cushion. Make sure not to scrub! After you’ve applied this treatment, wait at least an hour and then condition the leather.
  • Leather is one of the most delicate fabrics in your home, so consider calling a professional to make sure your most prized pieces are cleaned correctly.

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