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Carpet remains the public’s number one choice of flooring, and with good reason. It’s warm, soft and promotes a feeling of luxury. It protects against noise, you can walk on it in your bare feet and it’s harder to slip on, which makes it a safe option for homes with young children or old people.

Combat wear and tear

Carpet works harder than any other flooring in your home, which is why – over time - it’s going to be subject to an invariable amount of wear and tear. Dirt and soil are being trodden into it constantly…and colours fade, making it look dull. It’s also home to dust, bacteria and other allergens, which can cause aggravate allergies. The fact is that regular vacuuming alone is not enough to deal with these situations. So what’s the answer? Professional carpet cleaning.

Hot water, low-moisture technology

Here at we offer a wide range of carpet cleaning options, including dry cleaning, shampoo cleaning and steam cleaning. We use state-of-the-art machinery and powerful hot-water techniques, designed to eliminate spots and stains, animal hair, wax and blu-tack. And because we use low-moisture technology, your carpet will be ready to walk on again within hours. By the time we’re finished, it will be clean and soft, and smell incredibly fresh.

Green planet

Here at we also care about your health, which is why we use only Green Depot products. These are 100% non-toxic and environmentally-friendly - tough on grime, but kind on your home! Let us restore your carpet to its former glory, and have it looking as soft and smelling as good as the day you first bought it.

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